I work at 3 amazing studios in Glasgow, Scotland:
Alt Fitness, Pole Place & Pole Physique.

I am also training to become an XPERT Trainer in 2022! 
Lastly, I host my own online classes & workshops on Zoom. 

Please see my January 2022 timetable below.
Please note that my schedule changes occasionally since I work in various places. Never hesitate to DM me on Instagram (@kheannawalker) if you have any questions about my timetable & training. I'd love to hear from you!

Timezone: GMT

Mondays at Alt Fitness (in person)
710pm: Beginner Pole 
815pm: Mixed Level Pole
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Tuesdays at Pole Place (in person)
630pm: Stretch & Flex
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Wednesdays at Pole Physique (in person)
6pm: Open Level Spin
705pm: Dynamic Pole (int/adv) 
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Fridays on Zoom (online)
5pm: Friday Flex
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Want to book a private lesson or a workshop? 

Please DM me on Instagram or send me an email:

I teach a multitude of classes such as Pole Tricks, Dance/Floorwork, Flexibility & Inversions. When you take my class, I will lead you with an energizing full-body warm-up, some conditioning to get you nice and strong, followed by a class template that I’ve designed myself. We will always end with a full-body cool-down so that we can transition safely back into a pre-exercise state.


When you book in a private with me, I will provide you with a wicked personalized training program, leading you through a series of exercises designed to bring you closer to your goals. I will provide instant feedback, technique and posture correction as well as consistent and non-judgmental support. These private lessons will ensure that you are staying accountable and motivated and we will see REAL results faster. Whether this be online or in-person, I’ll get you there!




(Spin & Static)

I will show you how to do various tricks which will develop into cool, dynamic combos that will leave you feeling pumped and energized, ready to take on the world! I also incorporate pole conditioning & off the pole exercises into the session so that you can build the foundational strength and stamina needed to execute these combos with grace, power and fluidity.


I will provide you with exercises that will increase both your active and passive flexibility. I will design a stretch routing specifically catered to your goals and the areas you are looking to stretch. We can focus on full-body, back and shoulders, splits - you name it! You will develop stronger splits, cleaner inverts and awesome backbends!


In this session, we will focus on learning and perfecting floorwork tricks & dance moves in heels. This will be an opportunity for you to learn some dance fundamentals as well as make requests to learn something cool you saved on instagram. You will also develop great comfort in your heels so that you can dance with wicked confidence! Poledance is all about exploring and embracing your body, movement and sensuality in any way you see fit. There are no standards, judgments or expectations - it’s just about feeling good in your own skin. It's important that when you’re training with me, you feel comfortable to express yourself and that you develop your own unique style in dance. Just do you boo! In this session, we can focus on working on an array of different tricks or I can lead you through a sensual heels choreography that will improve your balance, movement, fluidity and strength. 

Want to get moving?

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