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Kheanna Walker is an international pole artist &
instructor based in the UK. She is also the
Creative Lead at the global polewear brand,
Pole Junkie. She is known for her strong yet
flexible tricks, dynamic choreography and
acrobatic floorwork with a dash of sass.

Kheanna started her poledancing journey in
her hometown of Montreal, Canada back in
2015. Since then, she has taught and performed
around the world and has been featured in
various short films and activewear campaigns.
This year, she performed at the Snoop Dogg
Concert in Glasgow and London, as well as
London Fashion Week for the 2nd year in a row.
Her mission is to help others find happiness
and self love through pole, dance & fitness.


Being often the only Afro-Asian woman meant that I had to work hard to make sure that if I stood out, it was for the right reasons. 


In my teens, I joined competitive synchronized swimming and cheerleading teams. These two sports enabled me to establish strong foundations in dance, flexibility, flow, choreography and strength. When I attended my first pole class, I fell in love right away. I remember it being super hard, but there was something about it that made me want to get really good at it.


I was extremely inspired by my first instructors who moved with such strength and grace, and I remember wanting to be able to look like that when I danced. I poledanced recreationally in Montreal for about 2 years and then I moved to Australia and became exposed to a whole new world of pole dancing. The scene there is competitive yet vibrant, and I soon discovered that pole dancing could be both a passion and a profession. I started competing in Australia, which was a completely nerve-wrecking yet incredibly rewarding experience. I love being able to work towards a goal and finally leave everything on stage. 

If you’d like to book me for guest workshops at your studio/camp/retreat, please email:


I am committed to working with businesses and brands that align with my values, especially when it comes to diversity, inclusivity and representation.


Have questions? Send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



If you are a fellow creative or trainer and would like to work on a project together, feel free to connect and share any ideas with me.



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