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My fitness journey began in Montreal, Canada. I was involved in sports at a young age - my parents were always passionate about keeping our family active. They were also adamant about making me feel like I could achieve anything if I set my mind to it, despite being one of the only people of colour in the spaces I occupied. I have carried that mentality with me as my training evolved. 


Being often the only Afro-Asian woman meant that I had to work hard to make sure that if I stood out, it was for the right reasons. 


In my teens, I joined competitive synchronized swimming and cheerleading teams. These two sports enabled me to establish strong foundations in dance, flexibility, flow, choreography and strength. When I attended my first pole class, I fell in love right away. I remember it being super hard, but there was something about it that made me want to get really good at it.


I was extremely inspired by my first instructors who moved with such strength and grace, and I remember wanting to be able to look like that when I danced. I poledanced recreationally in Montreal for about 2 years and then I moved to Australia and became exposed to a whole new world of pole dancing. The scene there is competitive yet vibrant, and I soon discovered that pole dancing could be both a passion and a profession. I started competing in Australia, which was a completely nerve-wrecking yet incredibly rewarding experience. I love being able to work towards a goal and finally leave everything on stage. 

I love sharing my passion with people around the world. I have taught workshops in Australia, Scotland, England, Canada, Thailand and Spain. I have also performed on various stages including:


💜 The Blackstage Show in London (2022)

💜 Dreaming Eli Launch at London Fashion Week (2022)

💜 Shades: Black & Queer Cabaret in Stirling & Edinburgh (2022)

💜 Womansplaining x Peach Club Cabaret Show in Montreal (2022)

💜 The Pussy Parlour Cabaret Show in Manchester (2023)

💜 Dreaming Eli Launch at London Fashion Week (2023)

💜 Snoop Dogg 'I Wanna Thank Me Tour' in Glasgow (2023)

💜 Snoop Dogg 'I Wanna Thank Me Tour' in London (2023)

💜 Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa 'High School Reunion Tour' in Toronto (2023)

💜 Coming Soon... The Blackstage Show in London (2024)


I strongly believe that keeping our bodies nourished through movement is essential for our mental, spiritual and physical health. I am here to share my years of experience training, competing and instructing in different environments to meet you wherever you are in your fitness journey. I want you to feel confident and powerful in the way you train, and I want you to bring that same confidence and power into the way you move through life everyday. Train, Stretch, Dance and Flow with color, confidence and power.



💜 Pole Theatre UK 2022: Winner ~ Classique Category ~ Professional Division

💜 Victorian Pole Championships 2019: Winner ~ Amateur Division

💜 Hardcore Pole Dancing Championships 2019: 2nd Runner-Up ~ Amateur Division



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