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I want to answer a few questions that many people have been asking me recently regarding my platform. Hopefully this clarifies some things for you! Feel free to leave me a message in the form below if your questions are still unanswered or email me at

Do I still need to book into the classes even if I have a membership?

Answer: Yes. If you are a member and want to join a class live, you still need to book in. All classes are included in your membership so there will be no charge. You will receive an email confirmation with the meeting details for each class.

What if I can’t make it live but still want to receive the recording?

Answer: If you wish to receive the recording after the class is finished, you still need to register for the class. After every class, I send out the recordings to everyone who is booked in.

How long are the Zoom recordings available for?

Answer: The Zoom recordings will expire after 2 weeks.

When are the recordings uploaded to the Video Library?

Answer: The recordings are uploaded to the Video Library at the end of every week.


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