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Your feedback matters. I am always looking to improve my teaching and ensure that my trainees are getting the most out of my pole dancing and fitness classes. If there was a skill you developed, lesson you learnt, or area that you wish I gave more attention to, feel free to leave a review below.
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Kheanna Walker is a breath of fresh air. She has style and moxy in spades and a refreshing, positive attitude that just rubs off on you. She'll build you up and get the best out of you. Kheanna breaks complicated tricks down to minute movements until you get it. All the while drawing out potential you didn't know you had. I don't feel I've met a teacher so much as a long lost friend. First Class.
- Chloe Ali
Kheanna is a wonderful teacher and just a pleasure to be around. She caters our private lessons to me and what I may need and is truly focused on helping her clients achieve their goals and move forward inch by inch. I feel great since I’ve started taking private stretching lessons and it’s all thanks to her!
- Julian Posteraro
I cannot recommend this girl enough so talented and such an amazing teacher. I absolutely love my private classes with her and she is always so flexible for fitting me in to her schedule!
- Nicki Mcmurtrie

I did my first stretch class today. It was amazing, definitely helped me. Really knows what she is talking about and helps you to understand too. I learned more, I felt it the most I have felt it in my hamstrings.

I will look forward to more.

Very lovely, welcoming and makes you feel at ease. 100% recommend

- Karla Walker
I absolutely adore Kheanna! She is so nice and talented. She is truly an inspiration. She will find different ways to make sure you are able to do the move. I really enjoy taking her pole and flexibility class. Merci beaucoup pour ton temps et ta patience. Ta bonne humeur est contagieuse et cela m'encourage à vouloir me pousser!
- Taïna Toussaint
I found Kheanna on Instagram and had a few privates with her during a holiday. Her energy is so positive and calming. I loved the time she took to not only help me nail the moves, but to make sure I grasped the techniques correctly and safely. I learned so much in such a short space of time and the only thing I'm sad about is that she's not closer to me for regular lessons!
- Nwoza Eshun
Found Kheanna’s classes during lockdown and they have been a complete godsend. I’ve taken her group classes and some privates in flexibility, flow and glow, bootcamp and inversions. Kheanna is so positive that even over a screen she’s got me facing fears and making so much progress that I can’t wait to see the progress when I finally get to train with her in person. I always leave her classes feeling calmer and more positive about myself and life.
- Julie Riddell
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